Health rating of Fl. Keys Reef

Neal Skrenes nskrenes at
Thu Feb 15 16:23:08 EST 1996

This months Rodale's had a "reader survey" that listed the condition of the 
reef scoring a 3.8 out of possible 5. How many of you agree with this 
I know about 
Algae Blooms in the summer? 
Few< sea urchins=algae taking over 
no small mollusks, crustaceans or fish except parrot fish. 
lots of nurse sharks and 'cuda 
Are these the signs of a healthy reef? 

I feel that the reef is not in good health, and I question if it is not 
misleading or irresponsible for a diving publication to allow uninformed 
divers to think otherwise. 

What do you think?? 


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