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Nicole Dettmann nd71 at columbia.edu
Thu Feb 15 23:16:53 EST 1996

To all interested parties: 

	I am an undergraduate student in Environmental Science at Barnard  
College of Columbia University. I have a great interest in the preservation of  
coral reefs and am currently writing my thesis on Mexican environmental  
law and protection schemes.  I am taking an in depth look and the content  
and efficacy of environmental law and its affect on  coral reefs in  
	I am very interested in the recent development project at Paradise  
Reef on the Caribbean coastal island of Cozumel.  A new cruise ship  
dock/pier  is being built and threatens to destroy a major part of   
Paradise Reef. This is an interesting example of how Environmental law in Mexico 
 is not being enforced.  Any information, contacts or sugesstions pertaining to my  
thesis (especially the new pier development) would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance. 

Nicole L. Dettmann 
Box 142 McIntosh 
3001 Broadway 
New York, New York 

Telephone: (212) 853-5921 
e-mail : nd71 at columbia.edu 

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