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Juan Pablo Carricart Ganivet jpcarri at xaway.ciqro.conacyt.mx
Mon Feb 19 19:14:25 EST 1996


Unfortunately, there are many interesting examples of how environmental law  
in Mexico is not being enforced. 

The Federal Government, on august 1992, declared, as a National Marine  
Park, the Reef System of Veracruz (RSV). There is not a adequate management  
plan improved by the goverment, until now. I am sending to you, by mail, a  
photocopy of this declaration. 

Best wishes, 

Juan P. Carricart-Ganivet 
Apdo. Postal 424, Chetumal, Q. Roo. 77000. Mexico 
e-mail: jpcarri at xaway.ciqro.conacyt.mx 

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