talks in the Keys

Mon Feb 26 08:30:45 EST 1996

To all in the Florida  Keys or planning trips to the Keys, 

Mote Marine Laboratory's Pigeon Key Marine Research Center is establishing a 
speaker series to publicly communicate scientific information, particularly 
about or relevant to the Keys. No doubt many of you are aware of the 
environmental devisiveness that exists in this area. At least part of this is 
due to lack of scientific communication with the public or the 
misinterpretation of scientific statements by various media. We wish to 
provide a venue for information to flow directly from scientists to the 
public regarding findings relevant to the Keys' ecosystems. Talks will be for 
a general audience but with enough information to keep you all interested 
enough to stay for the discussions afterward! 

If you will be in the Keys on 14 March, please plan to attend Bob Steneck's 

                          Reef Degradation in St. Croix and Jamaica: 
                                   Two Long-Term Case Studies 

Talk will be at 7:00 PM in the newly restored Section Gang Quarters on Pigeon 
Key.  If you need further info or would like to share your findings in the 
future, please contact: 

Erich Mueller, Ph.D., Director                 Phone: (305) 289-4282 
Mote Marine Laboratory                          FAX:   (305) 289-9664 
Pigeon Key Marine Research Center       email: FKMRC at 
P.O. Box 500895 
Marathon, FL   33050 

Web page: 

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