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Dear Edwina, 

In my mind ecotourism is not a tool.  The tools related to ecotourism  
that help manage our coral reef ecosystems include: 

1. Integrated coastal zone management:  This includes: public education,  
community development, economic incentives and alternative income  
generation, global or regional legal instruments, institutional  
restructuring, wellmanaged marine protected areas, regulation and  
enforcement of reef resource exploitation, management of tourism and  
recreational activities, management of land-based activities and coastal  
development, coral reef ecosystem monitoring, mapping, database creation,  
and restoration. 

2.  Capacity building 

3.  Improved Scientific Understanding of Coral Reef Ecosystems 

Ask Peter Thomas, Coordinator, International Coral Reef Initiative  
(pthomas at for a copy of: 

Jameson, S.C., J.W. McManus, and M.D. Spalding 1995.  State of the Reefs:  
 Regional and Global Perspectives.  International Coral Reef Initiative  
Executive Secretariat Background Paper.  U.S. Department of State. 

There is also some useful information on the Philippines in this paper. 

Also see the latest edition (Spring 1996) of the Natural Resources  
Defense Council Amicus Journal.  On page 31 there is an article titled  
"Where is ecotourism going?  If ecotravel is booming, asks a  
photojournalist, how sustainable is it?" 

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