Economic valuation of coral reefs

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Tue Feb 27 10:40:52 EST 1996

Dear Jason, 

Dr. Nanette Chadwick-Furman and her students are doing some interesting  
work on the correlation between scuba diving and physical damage to coral  
reefs in the Red Sea.  This along with other factors will be useful in  
determining carrying capacity.  Contact her at: 

Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences 
P.O. Box 469 
Eilat, Israel 

Tel:    7-360-101 
Fax:    7-374-329 
email:  furman at 

Also see: 

Riegl, B and B. Velimirov 1991.  How many damaged corals in Red Sea reef  
systems?  A quantitative survey.  Hydrobiologia 216/217:  249-256. 

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