Returned coral-list e-mail addresses

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at
Thu Feb 22 14:44:36 EST 1996

Sorry for the extra bandwidth, but the following e-mail addresses of  
coral-list subscribers have been continuously returned by the  
list-server as bad addresses.  If you happen to recognize any of these  
and could offer a new address or other enlightenment, I'd appreciate  
your help (and so might they!). 


	Jim Hendee 
	Coral-List Administrator 


mmoore at 
Madeline.G at 
jutro.p at 
carvis at 
william_peterson at 
ccc at 
oceano%ceniai at igc.orgau 
geobjkj at 
Ross.Jones at 
tapled1 at 
lara at 
j_pandolfi at 
path at 
lbecker at 
rbradley at 
spater at 
slowey at 
scoats at 
nreyns at 
cbcmnrj at 
Sehested at 
orion at 

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