Fl Keys Nat'l Marine Sanctuary Mgmt. Plan

Haskell, B. bhaskell at ocean.nos.noaa.gov
Fri Jan 12 10:27:47 EST 1996

Notice to the general science/management community: 
If there are any folks out there who are teaching courses in coastal zone 
management or marine protected areas, the Draft Management Plan/Environmental 
Impact Statement for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary can be made 
available to you as a teaching tool.  The plan is the first integrated, 
ecosystem-based management plan developed for a marine protected area in the 
U.S.A.  It represents the culmination of 5 years of planning with a citizen 
advisory council, managers, scientists, and the public.  The plan consists of 
3 volumes for a total of 781 pages.  Vol. I is composed of 10 action plans: 
water quality, zoning, research and monitoring, education, enforcement, 
mooring buoys, channel marking, volunteer, submerged cultural resources, and 
regulatory.  Vol II is the environmental impact statement including a detailed 
description of the Keys' marine ecosystem and Vol. III are appendices.   

If you want multiple copies we must ask that you pay for postage by COD or 
give us your delivery account number (Fedex).  We have plenty of copies left 
to give away. If interested, please contact: 
Benjamin Haskell 
Science Coordinator 
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary 
P.O. Box 500368 
Marathon, FL  33050 
Ph.(305) 743-2437 Fax (305) 743-2357 
Email: bhaskell at ocean.nos.noaa.gov 

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