Students work to save the Aquarius

Mellie Lewis mlewis at
Sun Jan 21 18:08:36 EST 1996

Dear Coral Reef Members, 
	My students are embarking on a campaign to save funding for  
the Aquarius.  As part of this year's JASON VII Project, millions of  
students across the county have the opportunity to accompany Dr. Jerry  
Wellington, via telepresence, as he studies the natural cycle of climate  
change over several hundred years.  If funding to the Aquarius project is cut,  
this part of the JASON project, and countless other projects dependent  
upon the Aquarius, may be eliminated. 
	Our plan is to encourage JASON Students, and their parents, to  
write to their congressional delegation in Washington requesting Congress  
not to cut funding for the Aquarius Project.  We are planning on posting  
information about the Aquarius on both the JASON Student and JASON  
Teacher Bulletin Boards.  We need your help!  We need the facts.  We  
would like to generate a list of how the research projects using the  
Aquarius will benefit mankind.  Any information you could e-mail us would  
be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. 

Mellie Lewis 
G.T. Resource Teacher 
Atholton Elementary School 

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