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The following comes originally from the marine biology list-server, but  
may be of use to some of you on the coral-list, since a course is offered  
in coral reef ecology. 


From: Mike Marshall <marshall at marinelab.sarasota.fl.us> 
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 17:29:36 -0800 (PST) 
Subject: marbio: Summer marine biology courses 

Mote Marine Laboratory is pleased to announce that we will offer two  
courses in marine biology and ecology at our field station in the  
Florida Keys.  If you are interested in these courses, after reading  
the following announcement, please request an information package  
and application form by sending an e-mail note to  
<fkmrc at marinelab.sarasota.fl.us>.  Thank you. 

Mike Marshall 

           1996 Florida Keys Marine Ecology Courses 
                   at Mote Marine Laboratory's  
                Pigeon Key Marine Research Center 

                  ----Pigeon Key, Florida---- 

Florida Bay and Florida Keys Ecosystems 
 May 10 - June 1, 1996 
 3 credits (optional) 

Course Description: An introduction to the Florida Keys and Florida Bay.  
Community descriptions and functional inter-relationships of the mangrove 
communities, seagrass beds, coral reefs and their inhabitants will be 
emphasized.  Field trips to Everglades National Park, Biscayne National 
Monument, and numerous other sites will be included in this course.  
Lectures, field trips, and boat cruises will focus on interactions between 
the Everglades, Florida Bay, and the Florida Keys.  Habitat mapping, 
seagrass growth and physiology, plankton ecology, coral reef studies, fish 
ecology, and a variety of other subjects will be covered during the cours 

Coral Reef Ecology 
 August 9 - August 23, 1996 
 2 credits (optional) 

Course Description: The biological and physical processes responsible for 
coral reefs will be introduced and discussed in detail.  Particular 
emphasis will be placed on integration of concepts ranging from chemical 
to community levels.  Current topics in reef science will be discussed 
based on readings from recent scientific literature.  A series of evening 
presentations, discussions and debates will address reef management issues 
and students will conduct projects to explore areas of interest in more 

Prerequisites (both courses): Students should have had basic courses in 
chemistry and biology.  Courses in botany, zoology, ecology, or geology 
would be helpful 

Application Procedures & General 

An application and summer session brochure should be requested by either 
sending in one of the by writing to the address below, or by sending an 
e-mail request to FKMRC at marinelab.sarasota.fl.us.  

All application materials (the filled-in application, transcripts, and a 
letter of recommendation from a recent instructor) must be submitted by 
March 30, 1996 

Housing and Meals: Student housing and weekday meals will be provided at 
Pigeon Key.  

SCUBA: All SCUBA divers will be requried to furnish evidence of 
certification, furnish and maintain logbooks, and provide medical 
clearance for diving.  Medical clearance forms will be mailed with the 
application package.  Final approval for diving will be dependent on a 
satisfactory checkout dive.  

Mote Marine Laboratory's Pigeon Key Marine Research Center: 

Mote Marine Laboratory is an independent, nonprofit marine research 
institution.  We are members of both the National Association of Marine 
Laboratories annd the Southern Association of Marine Laboratories.  We are 
not affiliated with any college or university, although credit 
arrangements through Florida State University may be available for those 
desiring academic credit.  

The PKMRC is located on Pigeon Key which is located 2.5 miles west of 
Marathon, Fl .  It is accessible by the last remaining usable section of 
the old seven mile bridge.  Pigeon Key is a National Historic District and 
is the home of the Pigeon Key Foundation.  MML and the PKF are partners in 
the Pigeon Key restoration and preservation project.  More details on MML 
can be obtained through our web page at 

For more information about these course and MML, please write, fax, or 

Pigeon Key Marine Science Center Courses 
Mote Marine Laboratory 
1600 Ken Thompson Parkway 
Sarasota, Florida 34236 

e-mail: FKMRC at marinelab.sarasota.fl.us 
FAX: 941-388-4312 

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