nutrient/productivity studies of pristine reefs

Alina Szmant aszmant at
Mon Jan 29 17:36:49 EST 1996

I am preparing various review papers and am trying to search out  any 
nutrient/productivity (sediment and water column nutrients) work that I 
might have missed from remote pristine coral reef areas.  I am especially 
interested in any nutrient work that may have been done in Palau lagoon and 
forereef areas, and remote areas of the Bahamas.  Incidental nutrient 
measurements are also of interest if they are accompanied by some 
description of collection and analysis conditions.  I would appreciate any 
citations anyone could pass along (reprints would be even better) and/or 
contact information for any work by others that you might know of. 

Thank any and all for your help!! 

Alina Szmant 
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