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>Hello, everyone.  
>I am compiling a comprehensive bibliography of coral reef related research 
>for the GreenLife Society as part of the International Year of the Reef. 
> We're looking for citations of published articles that you have written 
>about coral, reefs and their associated biota.  We would like to make this as 
>complete as possible - so all fields and aspects of reef research will be 
>included.  Our goal is to make this bibliography useful for scientists, 
>management people, and researchers in other fields (law, policy, etc.).  I 
>hope you will contribute. 
>Please send your citations along with 3 or 4 keywords, and complete 
>bibliographic info to me via e-mail, fax or regular old mail.  Abstracts are 
>helpful to us in the sorting of material, but will not be included in the 
>final bibliography.  Any suggestions of other articles to include - 
>especially those of historical (last 50 years) or other particular interest - 
>are most welcome.  
>Thank you for your help.  
>Liz Matthews 
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