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Could I ask those who have responded (and those planning to respond) to the 
message below to also send me a copy of your citations? I will be using them 
for my own research and will also include them in the bibliography of my 
natural history book about coral reefs (Wiley Press, 1998). 

Thanks, Osha 

PS: I am not affiliated with EITHER GreenLife OR IYOR 
PPS: Thanks to all those who endured my interviews at the ICRS--it was a 
tremendously helpful start to a rather daunting project! 

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I am compiling a comprehensive bibliography of coral reef related research 
for the GreenLife Society as part of the International Year of the Reef. 
 We're looking for citations of published articles that you have written 
about coral, reefs and their associated biota.  We would like to make this as 
complete as possible - so all fields and aspects of reef research will be 
included. Our goal is to make this bibliography useful for scientists, 
management people, and researchers in other fields (law, policy, etc.).  I 
hope you will contribute. 

Please send your citations along with 3 or 4 keywords, and complete 
bibliographic info to me via e-mail, fax or regular old mail.  Abstracts are 
helpful to us in the sorting of material, but will not be included in the 
final bibliography.  Any suggestions of other articles to include - 
especially those of historical (last 50 years) or other particular interest - 
are most welcome.  

Thank you for your help.  

Liz Matthews 

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