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My husband and I have been diving the same site off Honokowai, West Maui for 
many years.  It was an excellent snorkelling/dive spot until a Cladophora 
algae bloom smothered many of the area's corals in 1989. 

Since then the area has been plagued with either more Cladophora or Hypnea 
musciformis or a combination of both.  We have attempted to document the 
degradation of this ocean environment with particular attention to a bloom's 
effects on corals. 

We are both laypeople whose primary interest is turtles.  75% of the animals 
we see regularly have a disease called fibropapillomas.  However, for coral 
types, the essay also records the fate of a large stand of P. eydouxi from 
1988 to its ultimate crumbling in 1994. 

Algae-essay is 373K and has many online graphics of the bloom and other 
environmental insults.  May your reefs never get like THIS! 

Address is: 

Best and take care 

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