Spawning Events / WorldWide

DON BAKER suniwan at
Fri May 17 19:49:49 EDT 1996

Dear Coral-List Members, 

I am compiling data on coral spawning events - as best as possible.  I need 
data worldwide rather than from, say, Florida, USA only. 

The purpose of my efforts is to try to simulate spawning parameters in a 
mariculture/raceway setting here in Sabah, Malaysia.  I have a selection of 
hard corals thriving in a 4000L open system raceway.  

Any data on spawning corals in a captive environment would also be of great 
assistance as well. 

I am also needing some good pubs on ID coral species - worldwide as well. 
Any leads & titles? 

Many thanks, 
Don Baker 
Sabah, Malaysia 
Suniwang Holdings 

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