Arabian Gulf Bleaching

Prof Alan E Strong strong at
Wed Oct 2 09:34:35 EDT 1996

Roger Uwate - 
Saw your note 23 Sep on bleaching off Bahrain due to SSTs some 4 deg C 
higher than last year during July-August.  We are developing new, 
twice-weekly, hi-res SST anomaly charts to aid in the monitoring for areas 
of high temperature stress that might lead to coral reef bleaching.   

New Climatology/Anomaly: 

When we were spinning this new product up the end of July, as I now look 
back, SSTs during much of Aug were several degrees above climatology in 
the Arabian Sea.  Past data have shown that when SSTs exceed the max 
monthly climatology by 1 deg C, bleaching can be expected....paper at 
recent Panama looks like you saw evidence of that. 

Thanks for your report.  Hope the reef have recovered with cooling temps 
this fall. 

Al Strong 

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