private reef conservation?

Michael De Alessi dealessi at
Wed Oct 2 11:51:09 EDT 1996

Hi. I am looking for any leads or information on private conservation of 
coral reefs, anywhere around the world. Ideally, an instance where either 
common or private property rights have empowered either a community or 
individuals to control access to and conserve reef habitat, for whatever 
reason -- fishing, tourism, or merely preservation. The rights need not be 
formal (for example an isolated community without any formal rights to an 
area that still sets rules to encourage conservation).   

I am quite familiar with other instances of private stewardship, e.g. 
habitat protection and pollution fighting activities undertaken by the 
owners of oyster beds, but do not know of any coral reefs that have been 
protected in this way. Any help would be much appreciated; please reply to 
me directly. 

Thanks and cheers, 

Michael De Alessi 
Center for Private Conservation 
Washington, D.C. 

dealessi at  

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