Preserves around the World

Fri Oct 11 18:36:43 EDT 1996

Hi Everybody! 
         I have looked far and wide with no luck (short of pounding the 
pavement from embassy to embassy), for a list (partial or comprehensive) of 
marine preserves in existance around the world.  I am trying to get a feel 
for who is doing something about marine conservation and who is not.  I will 
look at other indicies such as support for the UN's Law of the Sea and economic 
factors.  If anyone knows of such a list or has any ideas, please let me know. 
      Thank you in advance!   Ken Kassem 

                        Ken Kassem 
                        Dept. of Geography 
                        University of Alabama 
                        Tuscaloosa, Al  35401 
                        kkassem3 at 

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