Kenneth_Deslarzes at smtp.mms.gov Kenneth_Deslarzes at smtp.mms.gov
Wed Oct 16 09:25:59 EDT 1996

     Dear coralers, 

     I would much appreciate knowing where I could obtain info on EIS's  
     involving Coral Reefs, any upcoming workshops, conferences, symposia  
     involving EIS's and reefs, or related topics. 

     Best wishes, 

     Ken Deslarzes  (Kenneth_Deslarzes at smtp.mms.gov) USDOI/Minerals  
     Management Service 
     1201 Elmwood Park Blvd, MS 5410 
     New Orleans, LA 70123-2394, USA 
     Phone: 504-736-5705 

     N.B. I tried reaching Gregor Hodgson using the following address but  
     with little success (address not recognized) gregorh at hk.super.net 

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