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As part of its teaching programme, the Department of  
Oceanology of Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (EPHE),  
University of Perpignan, France, is offering an advanced  
course in coral reef ecology at University 5th year (PhD  
course) level. 

The course will consist of lectures (approximately 40 hours)  
spread over 6 days, during the week 6-11 January 1997.  
Lectures, which will be complemented by the screening of  
relevant videotapes, will cover the following topics. 

	- Specific characteristics of Coral Reef Ecosystems 
	- Physical Oceanography of Coral Reefs 
	- Scleractinian Coral Biology and Ecology 
	- Community Structure and Zonation 
	- Primary producers and reef Trophodynamics 
	- Carbon flows in reef Ecosystems 
	- Reef fish Ecology and Biogeography 
	- Reef and lagoonal Fisheries 
	- Natural and Anthropic Disturbances 
	- Management of Coral Reef Ressources 

Lectures will be given by Faculty staff of Ecole Pratique des  
Hautes Etudes and reef experts from other French or foreign 

Universities. The majority of lectures will be delivered in  

Admission to the course is free. The number of places is  
limited and persons interested must register as soon as  
possible with EPHE Secretariat (closing date 15 December  
1996). To obtain additional information or the registration  
form, please contact the EPHE Secretariat at the University  
of Perpignan by Tel.: 33 (04) 68662055, Fax: 33 (04)  
68503686 or by Email : pol at 

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