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James C. Hendee hendee at
Thu Oct 17 08:56:05 EDT 1996

Those who are intested in coral reef monitoring may wish to view the 
Charter Document of the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN) at 
the following URL: 

Those who are interested in actually following the GCRMN protocol may wish 
to contact the Director of the GCRMN, Dr. Clive Wilkinson, at:  

	c.wilkinson at 

I believe some of the members of the GCRMN will soon be posting (via the 
CHAMP Home Page, coral-list, and elsewhere) protocols that they have found 
to be effective for their areas.  Some of these protocols (such as that  
of the Kuda Laut Project, have been  
already been announced on coral-list, but a comprehensive list of  
protocols will hopefully be available in the near future. 


	Jim Hendee 

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On Thu, 17 Oct 1996, John McManus wrote: 

> TO:Coral List 
> cc.: Carl Stepath 
> FROM:Dr John W McManus/ICLARM 
> DATE:17 October 1996 
> Someone recently asked me for some leads into the field of coral reef  
> monitoring.  As I get that kind of inquiry frequently, I though it might be  
> useful to others if I put my reply on coral-list.  The courage is very  
> patchy and I don't have all the complete references at hand.  However, the  
> leads may be generally useful, and, to roughly paraphrase Charles Darwin, my  
> colleagues may take great delight in pointing out the shortcomings.  Many  
> apologies for all the important work that I left out. 
> Sincerely, 
> John W McManus 
> email:< J.McManus at> 

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