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	Pursuant to Dr. John McManus' very informative posting of coral 
reef ecosystem monitoring, I thought it might be worthwhile if "we" (read: 
you coral-listers!) helped to construct an FAQ (Frequently Asked 
Questions) list, which I can post on the CHAMP Home Page and/or 
periodically circulate via the coral-list.  This should be helpful for all 
of us, as well as to people new to coral reef study, and should also 
helpfully give you a little slack in answering all those questions all the 
time.  If this idea meets with your approval, perhaps we could proceed 

-> For now, let's just try to answer the most common, broadly appealing, 
questions.  After we get the basics down, then perhaps we can address the 
more esoteric issues. 

-> Send questions you feel should be in the FAQ to this address 
(coral at  I'll collect the questions for awhile, and 
if there are no answers accompanying them, I'll post the questions to the 
coral-list for your (hopefully!) informative answers. 

-> If you *know* the answers to the questions, please send them along with 
the questions, or at least help by providing a resource to find the 

-> It might be helpful if you could provide, in your answers, further 
references for research, such as Dr. McManus did in his recent reply 
concerning coral reef monitoring. 

	If you have any orther suggestions (or even if you think this 
isn't a workable idea), please drop a line. 



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