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(Sent this last week, but suspect it never got through as I never got a copy  

Users will be pleased to know that, as of this week, the World Conservation  
Monitoring Centre has placed some 150 maps of coral reefs onto the Web.   
These are the same maps which are in ReefBase Version 1.0 (although they are  
georeferenced in the latter and can thus be linked to other data).  The maps  
include simple bathymetry, mangrove and coral reef data.  All are fully  
referenced and users are asked to look at these references as an integral  
part of the maps! 

Other marine data on this site include lists of marine protected areas by  
country and other marine statistics. 

Please note that our Coral Reef Mapping Initiative and ReefBase are ongoing.   
If you are able to supply better, newer, or more detailed information please  
contact myself (for maps) or the ReefBase team in Manila (e-mail:  
reefbase at  I hope this information is useful and look forward to  
your comments. 


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