tracking down an elusive map!!

Maria Justine MILICI CESAL at CEnvSci.Com
Thu Oct 24 05:14:57 EDT 1996

Dear List Members, 

I hope someone out there might be able to help me.  I'm trying to  
find a map that a colleague has told me exists but he can't remember  
where he saw it!! 

Its a world map that details the damaged coral reefs around the world  
and identifies them by colour coding according to the type of damage.  
 Apparently there are about 4-6 categories, listing things such as  
destructive fishing, overfishing, mining, bad water quality.... 

If anyone can help me with this I would sure appreciate it.  I want  
to use it for presentation at an Asian Hotel Forum in a couple of  
weeks where I aim to  
outline what resort developments may be able to do for coral reefs etc.... 

By the way, I visitied Paul Blanchons site yesterday and was most  
impressed.  The geology essay is excellent and having taught a few  
lectures on that topic in a general tropical marine biology course, I 
 was excited by the material for teaching  
purposes as well as for my own education.  And the access to other  
sites is excellent.  The address is: 


Dr. Maria Milicich 
Senior Scientist 
Room 1201 Tai Yau Building, 
181 Johnston Rd 
fax: 28910305     ph: 28931551 

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