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John McManus' list was a nice stimulant to stir up some action.  I offer a 
few items to add to your literature list for monitoring and sampling 
methods.  I could spend days adding other items, it is a forever task.  I 
will get you a few more on a later date.  We have an unpublished manual 
that Porter, Dustan, Jaap and Wheaton developed for the EPA coral reef and 
hard bottom monitoring project in the keys that empahasizes video.  PAX 
Walt Jaap 


Braun-Blanquet, J.  1932.  Plant sociology: the study of plant 
communities.  Koeltz Scientific Books (reprint).  Box 1360 D-6240 
Koenigstein, Germany. 

Andrewartha, H.G.  1971.  Introduction to the study of animal populations. 
University of Chicago Press, Chicago.  283 pp. 

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of benthic invertebrates.  Pub. 25, Freshwater Biological Association, 
Ferry House, Ambleside, Westmoreland.  LA22 0LP, United Kingdom.  148 pp. 

Mueller-Dombois, D and H. Ellenberg 1974.  Aims and methods of vegetation 
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Stoddart, D.R. and R.E. Johanes (editors) 1978.  Coral reefs: research 
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Likens, G.E. (editor)  1988.  Long-term studies in ecology: approaches and 
alternatives.  Springer Verlag, New York.  214 pp. 

Jaap, W.C., J.L. Wheaton, and K.B. Donnelly 1990.  Materials and methods 
to establish multipurpose, sustained ecological research stations on coral 
reefs at Dry Tortugas.  Pp 193 to 203 in.  Proc. AAUS Tenth annual 
Scientific Diving Symposium, St. Petersburg. 

Golley, F.B. 1993.  A history of the ecosystem concept in ecology.  Yale 
Univ.  Press, New Haven.  254 pp. 

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 Polunin N.V.C. and C.M. Roberts (editors) 1996.  Reef fisheries Chapman 
and Hall, London.  477 pp. 

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