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Sun Oct 27 15:53:25 EST 1996


Rerun field trip to Cura=E7ao - Bonaire 

 The Cura=E7ao-Bonaire field trip which was organized as part of the  
 8th International Coral Reef Symposium was an enormous success for both 
 participants, local scientists and the organizers. Therefor the 
 organizers are considering to rerun the field trip from June 29  - 
 July 6 1997. We need a minimum of 15 participants (max. 18) to run 
 the field trip. During the field trip, which is orientated on both 
 biology and geology, we will visit about  10 SCUBA-dive localities 
 and 16 geological sites. For transportation from Cura=E7ao to Bonaire 
 and back we will use a 36 m Sailing Ship.  

For more information and application form contact: 
Manfred van Veghel 
EcoSense, P.O. Box 3187, Cura=E7ao, Netherlands Antilles 
Phone/Fax: + 599 9 613196; E-mail: ecosense at 
EcoSense <ecosense at> 
Dr. Manfred L.J. van Veghel 
PO Box 3187 
Cura=E7ao, Netherlands Antilles 
Phone and Fax: +599 9 613196 

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