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	Individuals, institutions and agencies who are actively engaged in 
monitoring coral reefs and recording data, or who plan to do so, may wish 
to join the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network.  The charter document 
describing the GCRMN may be found at: 


	Because policy, organizational and operational issues of the GCRMN 
may not be of general interest to the members of coral-list, a separate 
listserver has been instituted for members of the GCRMN.  The intention of 
this list is to foster information transfer among those actively engaged 
in recording data for the benefit of the GCRMN and its goals.  All list 
members may contribute to discussions, which primarily are intended to 
support the goals of the GCRMN.  For general coral discussions, postings 
may be made to the coral-list open discussion group. 

        To subscribe to the GCRMN listserver, send e-mail to 
majordomo at reef.aoml.noaa.gov, with the following message (only!) in the 
body of the text: 

        subscribe gcrmn 

        For specific questions concerning the GCRMN itself, please contact 
Dr. Clive Wilkinson at c.wilkinson at aims.gov.au. 

        If you have any problems concerning the listserver itself, please 
feel free to drop a line to Jim Hendee at NOAA: 

	hendee at aoml.noaa.gov 


	Jim Hendee 

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