Symposium Announcement

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Tue Sep 10 15:37:38 EDT 1996

Symposium Annoucement 

A symposium on Marine/Aquatic Introduced Species in the Pacific will be 
held during the VIII Pacific Science Inter-Congress, July 13-19, 1997, 
Suva, Fiji.  Papers on the ecology, biology, biogeography, environmental 
and human impacts, and management of introduced species are welcome, as 
are papers documenting new invasions, transport mechanisms (such as 
ballast water), and intentional releases.  The symposium is being 
co-sponsored by the CSIRO Centre for Research on Marine Pests (CRIMP) and 
the Pacific Science Association (PSA), and Ronald Thresher (CRIMP) and L. 
G. Eldredge (PSA) will Co-Chair the session; James T. Carlton will be the 
keynote speaker.  The date will be announced later.  For further 
information contact L. G. Eldredge [psa at] if you 
would like to present a contributed paper.  Participants intending to 
present a paper are required to submit an abstract to the Inter-Congress 
Secretariat by January 31, 1997.  

To obtain the Inter-Congress Second Circular which includes general 
program of the Inter-Congress, along with information on paper 
submission, accommodation, excursions, etc. contact: 

        VIII Pacific Science Inter-Congress Secretariat 
        c/o School of Pure & Applied Sciences 
        P.O. Box 1168 
        The University of the South Pacific 
        Suva, Fiji 

        FAX:  (679) 314007 
        e-mail:  psa at 

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