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The posting on cyanide fisheries and use of dynamite has considerable factual 
content, though the manner of presentation will lead to misconstruing some of 
that information.  It also omits some information. 

The impression is given that nothing is being done.  Ocean Voice International 
of Ottawa and the Haribon Foundation for Conservation of Natural Resources of 
Manila has had a program going in the Philippines for over six years.  We have 
trained 1000 collectors to use small environmentally friendly nets instead of 
cyanide, provided coastal communities with knowledge about managing their own 
coral reefs in the form of videos and our 126 page English-language manual, SAVE 
OUR CORAL REEFS with 100 figures, and are right now trying to establish an 
export facility for the graduates of our community courses.  An Indonesian 
version of our manual has already been published, and we hope to publish two 
Filipino language versions this year.  One should also mention that the IMA (an 
NGO) and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (government agency) have 
instituted a cyanide detection test for exports. 

For person wishing more information or wishing to support our program, see our 
home page: 


For persons wishing reading materials our quarterly bulletin, Sea Wind, now 
going into its 10th volume has a number of articles on cyaniding, dynamiting, 
sedimentation and other human impacts on reefs and the marine environment.  For 
an overview of the sea, read our STATUS OF THE WORLD OCEAN AND ITS BIODIVERSITY, 
in a special 72-page issue of SEA WIND. 



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