"Coral Bleaching Event in Hawai'i"

Prof Alan E Strong strong at nadn.navy.mil
Fri Sep 13 09:33:04 EDT 1996

Dave Gulko - 
Coral bleaching enthusiasts[?]: You may now get up to date SST anomaly 
info that should help in locating potential high-SST related coral 
bleaching areas of possible concern from our WebSite at: 


Let us know what you think. 

Hawaii has been in an area of high SSTs for the past month or so... 

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On Thu, 12 Sep 1996, Dave Alan Gulko wrote: 

> 	A major coral bleaching event began in late August in the south 
> basin of Kane'ohe Bay, O'ahu in response to high temperature.  A long 
> period of hot, calm weather drove temperatures into the 29 - 30 degrees 
> centigrade range in the restricted basin (this is 1 - 2 degrees 
> centrigrade higher than oceanic temperatures).  The return of trade winds 
> and cloud cover during the second week of September lowered surface water 
> temperatures into the "safe" range.  If the temperatures continue at 
> normal levels, we expect most of the coral to recover within 1-3 months. 
> The event is under investigation by Paul Jokiel of the Hawai'i Institute 
> of Marine Biology (jokiel at hawaii.edu). 

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