Coral harvest for bone restoration

Marea Hatziolos mhatziolos at
Thu Sep 19 10:06:22 EDT 1996


          I don't have a specific reference for you, but you may wish to  
          get in touch with Dr. David Newman at the National Cancer  
          Institute who does bioprospecting in marine species.  His  
          address is: 

          		Dr. David Newman 
          		Division of Cancer Treatment 
          		National Cancer Institute 
          		Cancer REsearch and Development Center 
          		P.O. Box B 
          		Frederick, MD  21702-1201 

          		Tel: (301) 846-5387 
          		FAX: (301) 846-6178 
          		e-mail:  Newman at 

          If you find out anything, I'd really be interested in hearing  
          about it. 

          Thanks and good luck! 


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