Marine Cyanobacteria Symposium

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Fri Sep 20 03:52:19 EDT 1996

MARINE CYANOBACTERIA and related organisms 
With the exiting developments in the field of marine cyanobacteria and 
related organisms 
 over recent years it has become clear that there is a pressing need to draw 
the diverse 
 interests together for a general symposium. 
 This international symposium will focus on the new techniques which have become 
 available over the past few years such as molecular phylogeny and cell 
sorting to bring  
experts in a diversity of fields together to address the important results 
but are just now 
 becoming available. 

L. Charpy (ORSTOM, France) & A.W. Larkum (University of Sydney, Australie) 

Organizing Committee 
L. Charpy (ORSTOM, COM), A.W. Larkum (University of Sydney), C. 
Charpy-Roubaud (ORSTOM, COM), 
 T. Le Campion-Alsumard (CNRS, COM), S. Maestrini (CNRS, CREMA), 
 J.-F. Pavillon (Institut Oc‰anographique) 

Scientific committe 
L. Charpy (France), A.W. Larkum (Australia), L.J. Borowitzka (Australia), M. 
Borowitzka (Australia),  
C. Charpy-Roubaud (France), R.D. Fox (France), M. Furnas (Australia), S. 
Golubic (USA), M. Herdman (France), 
 T. Le Campion-Alsumard (France), S. Maestrini (France), Balobe M. 
(Lettonie), J. O'Neal (Australia), D. Vaulot (France). 

For information contact 
Dr. Loc Charpy, OSTOM, Centre d'Oc‰anologie de Marseille, Rue de la 
Batterie des Lions, 13007 France. 
Fax : (33) 
E-mail : charpy at 

Scope of the Symposium 
 The symposium will be organized in a set of symposia and workshops to 
address the most important issues. 
 A list of symposia is set out below. The proceedings of the symposium will 
be published as " Marine Cyanobacteria ". 

List of Symposia 

1 Taxonomy and Phylogeny 

2 Environment : Ecology and Global changes 

3 Nutrient relations 

4 Productivity 

5 Harmful blooms and Natural products 

6 Aquaculture and Genetic manipulation 

 The home page french an english versions are located in : 
htpp:// and 
Loic Charpy 
Centre d'Oc‰anologie de Marseille 
Traverse de la Batterie des Lions 
F-13007 Marseille France 
Tel. Fax 

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