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Ian S. Johnston johian at
Sat Sep 21 21:13:27 EDT 1996

During January '97 I will be teaching a course ("Human Impacts on Coral Reefs")  
in the Philippines and Hawaii for a small group of students from here in the Mid 
West.  In previous years I have used Sue Wells and Nick Hanna's "The Greenpeace  
Book of Coral Reefs" as a required textbook .... it was not only technically  
ideal (covering the material at the right level) but also a beautifully  
illustrated "keep-sake" for my students.  Unfortunately the book is out of print 
so I am looking for suggestions for a substitute (one that is currently in  
print, or due out by the beginning of November) .... or alternatively, does  
anyone know of a stache of 15 copies of the Greenpeace book that I could buy on  
behalf of my students? 

Any advice will be gratefully received .... thanks 

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