Coral bleaching in Bahrain, Arabian Gulf

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Mon Sep 23 01:59:44 EDT 1996

This summer we observed several areas of coral bleaching.  Areas were 
adjacent to the main island of Bahrain, as well as up to 15 miles offshore. 

Water temperature during July and August this year regularly reached 37 
degrees C inshore (also at the fish hatchery intake).  Water temperatures 
were also once recorded about 20 miles offshore.  It was 35 degrees C, even 
in 13 m of water.  Informal discussions with fish hatchery staff here 
indicate that water temperture this year may have been up to 4 degrees C 
higher than that recorded last year. 

Things are cooling down a bit now.  Water is down to about 30 degrees C now. 
Bleached corals are beginnning to foul with algae. 

Roger Uwate, Ph.D. 
Directorate of Fisheries 
P.O. Box 20071 

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