INFOTERRA: New List on the Middle East

Nabil M. El-Khodari fits at
Sun Sep 29 18:37:08 EDT 1996

GreenLife Society wrote: 
> As part of our Middle Eastern Environmental Project, we are launching a new 
> list devoted to the discussion of environmental issues in the Middle East, 

Congratulations to GLSNA on its initiative. The Middle East needs some 
attention particularly when all activities seem centered around Eatern 
and Central Europe and Latin America. 

It seems that the concept of sharing one global village, where any 
pollution in one area affects the whole world, is ignored. 

Hope to see more initiatives towards the Middle East and Africa. 

GLSNA has been the first organizations to encompass my earlier posts 
about Arabic posting on the WWW. You can visit the GLSNA Arabic Site at 

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