Regional Workshop on Sustainable Aquaculture and Biodiversity Conservation of Coral Reefs

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Workshop Title : Regional Workshop on Sustainable Aquaculture and Biodiversity Conservation of Coral Reefs 

Organisers : DOF (Department of Fisheries Sabah), IDS (Institute of Development Studies Sabah), NACA (Network 
of Aquaculture Centers in Asia-Pacific),  
UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah), Sabah Parks 

Location :-  The East Asian Seas area is a global centre of marine biodiversity and within this area the coastal waters 
around the State of Sabah in Malaysia  
have a particularly rich and diverse marine community.  The workshop will be held in Kota Kinabalu, the capital of 
the State of Sabah, Malaysia. 

Workshop Date :- 4-8th December 1996 (tentative date, subject to change) 

Venue :- to be decided later (tentatively at Kota Kinabalu) refer to  
for more information!! 

The workshop will cover two main topics :- 
i) 	status of the breeding and grow-out technology of groupers, wrasses and other coral-reef associated fish 
species; and  
ii) 	resource management issues, including environmental impacts of the collection of wild grouper/coral-reef 
associated fish fries/juveniles,  
and management of adverse interactions on the environment, etc. 


NACA is cooperating with DOF, IDS, UMS and Sabah Parks in organising a regional workshop on the aquaculture of 
groupers and coral reef-associated marine fish.   
The workshop is organised in response to the increasing regional interest in the aquaculture of high value tropical 
marine fishes (e.g. groupers and wrasses),  
and increasing concern over the environmental impacts of the marine live fish trade. The workshop is intended to: 

i. 	review the present status of culture of groupers and coral reef associated fishes, particularly the captive 
breeding of major reef fishes; 

ii. 	review the social, economic and ecological impacts, including those on biodiversity, related to the live reef 
fish fishery and aquaculture; 

iii. 	identify specific needs for promoting aquaculture and sustainable management of reef fish resources, such 
as research, information, policy development  
and training for the responsible development of the industry; and 

iv. 	identify common problems related to reef fish aquaculture in the Asian region, and to explore ways for 
regional cooperation to overcome such  
common problems. 

Participants :-  Workshop participants will include Malaysian and regional experts involved in grouper or reef fish 
breeding and aquaculture,  
and coral reef fishery management.   

Topics to be covered include:  

status of breeding of groupers and other candidate coral-reef associated fish species; 
reef fish aquaculture management practices (feeding, stocking, harvests); 
social/economic/environmental impacts of reef fish aquaculture; 
impacts associated with capture of wild seed and the live fish trade; 
marketing aspects; and 
management of grouper and reef fish resources and integration into coastal area management planning. 

Workshop outputs :   
The workshop proceedings will be published under a joint publication of DOF, NACA, IDS, UMS and Sabah Parks.  
It is expected that the publication would provide guidance to aquaculturists, scientists, policy makers and coastal 
managers involved in reef fish aquaculture and coral reef and coastal resources management. 

REGISTRATION FEES : F.O.C. (participants however have to pay for their own lodging, food will be provided at the 


Please contact : 

Rooney Biusing (organising secretary) 
Fisheries Research Center, 89400 Likas, 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. 
e-mail : biusing at 
<Rooney Biusing> 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,Malaysia. 
e-mail : biusing at 

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