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Ben Richards blrF94 at
Thu Apr 3 11:39:17 EST 1997

To whom it may concern -
	My name is Ben Richards.  I am a Junior at Hampshire College
located in Amherst, Massachusetts, USA.  I am majoring in Marine Ecology
with a focus on Tropical Marine Ecosystems, specifically Coral Reefs and
their resident fish populations.  As the semester is drawing to a close I
am putting out a general bulletin informing all interested parties that I
am looking for internship possibilities for the summer of 1997.  I have a
couple of options/offerings from people in more northern climes but, as my
focus is in Tropical ecosystems, I am looking to move a little father
south.  An ideal program would include both the opportunity to take part in
ongoing studies as well as the opportunity to engage in research of my own
which will form the backbone of my senior thesis.  I look forward to
working with others on my thesis and hope to be able to discuss my ideas
with those currently engaging in similar research.
	I have a solid background in both field research methods and course
based knowledge. My field research knowledge has been gained through
independent research projects including a two month study of physical
factors affecting the abundance of the dinoflagellate Pyrodinium bahamense
in two Puerto Rican embayments, as well as through previous internships
including a three month appointment at the University of Washington Friday
Harbor Marine Laboratory where I worked with Dr. Todd Anderson on a study
of various factors affecting the recruitment rate of copper rockfish in the
Nereocystis beds off the San Juan Islands.
	As mentioned earlier, my course based knowledge in the marine
sciences is also quite strong and is currently being augmented through
courses I am taking at the Duke University Marine Lab and at the Bermuda
Biological Station for Research.  I would be happy to forward both my
resume and letters of recommendation to any interested parties.

                                          Respectfully yours,
                                                         =-) Ben

Ben Richards
c/o Bermuda Biological Station for Research
Ferry Reach
St. George's GE01

brichards at

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