Biologists in Sudan?

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Hi Amanuel,

You just send this message to over 700 people in the world by including the 
coral-list. I don't think that is necessary. Please watch out which return 
addresses your E-mail program picks. (Nothing personal, but this kind of thing 
usually annoys me. We all get enough mails as it is.)

> Hi Gert,
> I'm an Eritrean marine ecologist. Please drop me a line in private for
> contact names and information about the latest conditions in Sudan.

Yes please.

> Your concern about security is something you've to consider seriously as 
> part of your plan. It's April and fighting is heading towards Tokar!

Sorry to say, but I must admit that this part of the world started to get my 
interest only 2 weeks ago. I am not very familiar with the geography. The best 
I have here in the office is:

Can't find Tokar. I guess you mean the front in the south. I heard from our 
Foreign Ministery this morning that the rebels entered from Eritrea trying to 
get the east road, close the border. I think that place with Ka...... , close 
to the border. Question is if they go west towards Karthum or North towards 
Port Sudan. If they also get the other road..... I am slowly starting to get 
the feeling that things whole idea may (literally unfortunately for the locals) 
go up in smoke. But who knows, it isn't august yet.

> BTW, I had spent a resourceful time at NIOZ in 1990 

Huh? I came here in September 1990. We're you stil here then and living in the 
Potvis? Should I remember you?

>and now one of my 
> ex-students is at NIOZ too. May be you can chat over coffee with Mussie.

Wonderful! I'll find him!

> I've included his email address and cc this message to him too.
> I'm also planning to carry out surveys as part of REEFCHECK this summer in 
> Eritrea. 

It is good you write. I just got Heinrich Bruggemans E-mail address in Eritrea. 
I don't know if you know, but he is setting up a marine biological fieldstation 
for a university in Eritrea in cooperation with the university in Groningen. I 
asked him if he knew about ReefCheck and if he wanted to do anything there. I 
was thinking of it as an alternative to Sudan. Are you aware that Moshira and 
Gert (Cc's above) are coordinating ReefChecks in the Red Sea? 

Is anybody planning a ReefCheck in Ethiopia?

Cheers, GJ
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