Waterproof Paper

dd76 Deborah_G_DANAHER at umail.umd.edu
Fri Apr 4 15:10:00 EST 1997

One hint on controlling
nalgene paper on a clipboard or pvc sheet is to use some of those plastic
holders for cheapo report covers to clip the paper edges to the clipboard.
Also, try using as soft a pencil as you can find.  There are 100% graphite
pencils that work great - break 'em in half and tie to your slate and best of
all, they're negatively bouyant and won't float away.  The graphite is soft
enough that you can sharpen them easily underwater.  Yes, slates are easier to
write on, but I like being able to archive my original raw data.  Now, if
there were a xerox machine at the research site so I could copy the slate, I'd
be happy.  I've just seen too many transcription errors when data goes from a
slate to a notebook at the last minute so the slate can be re-used.

just my 2 cents,
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