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I agree with the vote for plastic .  The product I have used is called
"Multi-Media Velum".  Of course, it is not velum at all, but is an acetate or
mylar sheet that has a suface texture that takes pencil quite well.  It is
also translucent which is good and bad.  I make a template for data collection
on an opaque sheet (Plaspyrus, below), and overlay the mylar on which I write.
 It can be used in a photocopier or laser printer to a VERY limited extent. 
At most, you can run one sheet and then allow the drum to cool.  Otherwise the
material warps from the high temperature.

The other product is the gridded Plaspyrus paper made by Bel-Art Products. 
The grids provide for easy setup of template pages by hand.  It takes
permanent ink and pencil well, but also cannot withstand copier heat well.

GOod luck in your search.

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