seeking data on coral degredation

Rebeca Beeman beemanr at
Tue Apr 8 11:42:12 EDT 1997

    Dear Coral-listers,

        Hi! I am a senior at New Trier High School in Chicago and
am doing an Earth Science research project on coral reef degredation.  I
was told about the coral-list serve by Pamela Hallock-Mueller at the
University of South Florida.  I'm having some trouble finding data on my
topic and was hoping some of you might be able to help me.  I have already
contacted Billy Causey, Karen Bareford (Flordia Keys National Marine
Sanctuary), and am trying to reach Bob Halley. Idealy I would like to find
data on specific coral
sites and the changes that have occured both in terms of growth and
degredation in those locations.  I was thinking of some sort of time line
(maybe 10 years) showing these things and the possible causes (pollution,
bleaching, black-band disease, UV damage,water temp., misuse of
coral-fishing,tourism, etc.,).  IF you have access
to any of this information or know of anyone who might, could you please contact

       Thank You!!         Rebeca Beeman e-mail:beemanr at

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