Waterproof Paper

Bob Steneck STENECK at maine.maine.edu
Mon Apr 7 17:25:09 EDT 1997

Dear Underwater Scribes,

        I'd like to support Shane Peterson's comments regarding the
underwater writing cylinder (also called 'cuff').  It keeps both hands free
for holding things, you can tape a template gridded with your data columns
on it (clear acetate overhead sheet with clear contact paper over the
carbon).  Use black electrical tape to secure the template and to affix one
or several sheets of mylar drafting paper over it.  The cylinder (white PVC
4" dia, 18 CM long) should have three holes near one end through which
surgical tubing is strung. this holds it on your wrist.  Any pencil works
(tether it to the cylinder) but plastic pencils with about 15 pointed nibs
work best.  You renew your point by plucking the last nib and shoving it to
the bottom of the pencil.

       My teams transcribe data ASAP and since photocopies are impractical
in the field.  I save all mylar data sheets (have each researcher write
their name on each data sheet with date and time) and put it in a folder.
Transcription errors have often been caught by referring back to the
original mylar.

        In the no big deal department:  I invented the writing cylinder in
St. Croix in 1973... or at least I think I did - I never met anyone using
them earlier.  I brought it to the GBR in 1978.  In 1982 Jim Porter and I
collaborated on a project at which time that technology was transferred.
What matters is that it works well and we need more folks taking data

       Good luck one and all,

        Bob Steneck

Dr. Robert S. Steneck
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine
Darling Marine Center
Walpole, Me 04573
Tele: 207 563- 3146 ext. 233

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