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Ben Richards blrF94 at
Mon Apr 7 20:28:13 EDT 1997

Dear listers -
	I think that email is a wonderful way by which one scientist can
communicate questions to many others across the globe.  However, one must
remember the volume of people with whom one is communicating.  The number
of responses to the question of Underwater paper is an ideal example.  Many
of the responses have been quite ingenious and I, not being the original
asker of the question have been quite glad to have heard them.  However, I
think the question has been adequately covered.  A number of people have
responded with duplicate answers which, while it lends credence to some
responses, does not, in the end provide any more information.  I propose
that it should be the responsibility of one who is asking a question to
post a message when they have received a satisfactory number of answers.
If someone else wants more information, they are free to ask the question
again.  Please contact me directly at: brichards at if you feel
the need to respond.

                                       Respectfully yours,

				=-) Ben Richards

Ben Richards
c/o Bermuda Biological Station for Research
Ferry Reach
St. George's GE01

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