The Great UW-Writing Dialogue

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at
Tue Apr 8 08:53:31 EDT 1997

Ladies and Gents,

	I believe the way many newsgroups and listservers handle the
question of multiple responses to an interesting question is this:  The
questioner asks all those who have responses to send those answers
directly to him or her.  Those who are interested in the answers may write
to the original poster of the question and say, in effect, "Let me know
what you find out!"  If the original questioner gets many of these types
of responses (or maybe even if not), he/she will post a summary of all the
answers at a later time.  That way, the members of the newsgroup or
listserver can either read all the answers at one time, or just delete the
one message (instead of many of them).  An example original message might
go something like this:

"Our laboratory is interested in buying an inexpensive submersible for the
purpose of studying reefs at night.  If you have any information, please
send a response to my personal email address.  If any of you also wish to
know of the responses, I will post a follow-up summary at a later time."

Everybody then just sends their comments directly to that person.

	Hope this helps...


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