Too many answers?

Kerry Clark kclark at
Tue Apr 8 19:49:01 EDT 1997

     While I concur that topics via lists are sometimes 'over-answered,' I
think the protests are a bit like telling someone there are two many
species of copepods in the ocean -- "When you've seen a dozen, you've seen
them all."  Each answer has slightly different nuances, and some of us
consider these nuances useful.
     If you are tired of a topic, your mail-reader software presumably
lists the topics, so just delete the topic without reading it if you feel
you've read enough.  The essence of an e-mail list is the free flow of
   I'm also struck by the irony that both complainants have essentially
claimed "last word" rights by asking for private responses to public
postings.  That's a very mild form of censorship, but nevertheless, it is
censorship, and though the intent is apparently to limit the number of
postings, it seems a bit less than fair.

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