Eutrophication and Coral Reefs

Ozeas da Silva Costa Junior ozeas at
Tue Apr 15 11:59:04 EDT 1997

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       Dear List Members.

       I'm a Oceanographer, actualy a graduate student (MSc Thesis) in the
Coastal Studies Laboratory (LEC) on Federal University of Bahia (Brazil).
In my thesis I'm studying the percolation of groundwater to the reefs of
northern Bahia.  This region has a recent urbanization (by tourism)  with
a poor sewage captation and treated system.   The possible contamination
of groundwater will toward to the reefs and eutrophication will increase
the demise of them.

       If you have any information, research, coments, references, ...
about this subject, please contact myself.

       Thanks in advance.  Greetings from Brazil!!

I can be reached at:
  Coastal Studies Laboratory
  Institute of Geosciences
  Federal University of Bahia 
  R. Caetano Moura, 123 - Federacao
  CEP 40100-010 - Salvador - Bahia
  e-mail: ozeas at

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