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David Bruce Gunnersen dbg2 at
Wed Apr 16 15:06:54 EDT 1997

I am seeking information about Phd programmes for research into coral 
reef ecology, at English speaking institutions.
I am presently completing an MSc degree in Conservation Biology at the 
Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent, 
Canterbury, Kent,CT2 7LZ England, and will bee looking to start a Phd 
programme from Oct. '97 onwards.

I am an experienced SCUBA diver (300 dives) and underwater 
photographer, havingdived in Belize, Mexico (Cozumel), Jamaica, and 
the Maldives.

My perticular area of interest is formulating a theoretical and working 
model for assessing the carrying capacity of coral reefs for ecotourism, 
though I am opento other suggestions for a reasearch subject, ideally of 
a conservation related nature.

Please send me details of research programmes and facilities, and 
funding requirements as well as any information about likely sources of 
funding, by post to the above, or e-mail on <dbg2 at>

David Gunnersen

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