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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT :  25 Project Director Positions

Crossroads is now winding down recruitment for the Summer 1997 Prog in
Africa and Brazil, and is now accepting applications for the Summer 1998

This may be of interest to those with interest in rainforest/ecology
issues, international development and humanitarian work.


Interns/Volntrs usually arrange to receive academic credit - 7 to 15 units.

C O U N T R I E S: Botswana, The Gambia, Ghana, Eritrea, Ivory Coast
     Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe
             Malawi, Ethiopia, Namibia, Guinea Bissau,
                  and Brazil (in South America)

       S U M M E R   J O B   A N N O U N C E M E N T

              A F R I C A  &  B R A Z I L

Position:     P r o j e c t   D i r e c t o r  /  G r o u p   L e a d e r

  [Also, accepting Intern/Volntr Applications-college-age & up/all welcome]

Director      26 years old & up; with experience or advance studies related
Requisites       to a Crossroads project or to development issues/concerns

              Professionals, faculty, staff, students, persons with
                 skills - all interested are encouraged

              Canadians, Americans, others, WELCOME

Location:     18 Countries in Africa, plus Brazil

Duration:     June 16 - August 12 (tentative dates)

Director      All travel and living expenses will be covered,
Pay:             plus you will receive an honorarium/stipend

DEADLINE:     Recruitment for the Summer 1997 Program is now winding down
                 Applications for Summer 1998 are now being accepted

Organization: Operation Crossroads-Africa & Brazil
              475 Riverside Dr., Suite 1366
              NY, NY 10027
              A Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Organization

Co-Sponsors:  Various UN Programs, NGO's, Ministries [Health, Education,
              etc.], WHO, Int'l Econ Dev Orgs, Medical Schools, Local
              Hospitals, Clinics & Grassroots Organizations

Contact:      International Projects/Overseas Programs
              Tel: 212-870-2106

E-mail:       <International_Programs at>

OnLine Info:  E-Mail to <International_ProgramS at>
                  & in the Subject Field, type either:

 1-        "SEND DIRECTOR/LEADER PACKET" [26 yrs & up w/ leadership skills]
 2-        "SEND PACKET FOR VOLs/INTERNS" [all welcome; college-age & up]
                   Crossroads helps Volunteers/Interns raise needed funds;
                   Early application is essential

                   (here, find brochure, application, information, etc.,
                          OBTAINABLE ALSO BY E-MAIL-see above)

         P R O J E C T    D I R E C T O R S  /  L E A D E R S

If you have experience in a field related to a Crossroads project, and
a strong interest in Africa and in team work, pls contact the organization.

As a Project Director/Group Leader, you will be in charge of 
10 to 14 Volunteers/Interns (who will be professionals, students,
researchers, non-students and others, all ages), usually in a rural
community or village setting. This is an intense living, learning
and work experience.


Multi-disciplinary Projects

   Nursing * Medicine * Clinical * Primary Care * Rainforest * Ecology
   Health * Social Sciences * Nutrition * Education * Econ & Comm Dev
   Gender Issues * Wildlife * Anthropology * Water & Sanitation * Folklore
   Agriculture * Dist Lrng  * Ethnomusicology * Dance * Computer Literacy
   Construction of Clinics, Libraries, Homes * Traditional Medicine
   Human Rights * Land tenure issues * Work camps * Living in villages

              200 - 250 Volunteers & 20 - 25 Projects

BRAZIL: Land Tenure Reform/Settlement Communities/Rainforest-Ecology

                  <<   B   A   H   I   A   >>

This project with multiple objectives is in the Mata Atlantica (Coastal
Forest) area in the Southern Cone of the State of Bahia. This is where
local poor communities are struggling to gain access to land via
articulated political effort.

There are over a dozen officially recognized Land Reform Settlemnts in this
region, where former landless peasants are striving to promote efforts
to save the remnants of this unique patch of rich, bio-diverse forest, as
well as to secure their access to land by changing the parameters of Land
Tenure in that area.

We have been contacted by leaders of these communities seeking help with
the various projects they deem vital. These projects will deal with
Reforestation, Human Rights, Youth Development, Education & Training,
Primary Care and Health, as well as Ecological issues.

 Crossroads, cited by JF Kennedy as the model used for the Peace Corps
         Celebrating 40 yrs of service by 10,000 Volunteers
       A Non-Profit/Private 501(C)(3) Organization - Since 1957

             E-Mail: <International_ProgramS at>


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