corals and Cernobyl

Reinhold Leinfelder reinhold.leinfelder at
Thu Apr 17 04:40:01 EDT 1997

Many thanks to all of you who have answered my question. I do not want to
go into big discussion here on the list server, but I feel, a short
explanation for why I raised the question is necessary (this is
particularly for you, Bob Buddemeier, since you provided me with that
public sermon).

I wanted to keep my original question as short as possible. This is why I
did not add that we are NOT working on this topic (radionuclids in corals).
I did NOT intend getting a 'cheap' ressource collection for an eventual own
project proposal or anything like that.

The reason for the question was:

As member of the German IYOR coordination team this question was addressed
to me by a TV journalist. Since he is preparing a TV contribution on IYOR I
promised looking for some rapid information. (I am working mostly on 150
Mio a old Jurassic reefs, no Cernobyl that time!). Time for intense
literature research was not available (and by the way, not many libraries
here have the respective literature - we are not really a 'reef country').
And, sorry, I couldn't put the question in another way because the way I
put it was exactly what the journalist wanted to know.

After asking other colleagues working on this topic (including some working
in the Red Sea) I 'dared' (how could I, Bob!) (ab)using the listserver as
an emergency helpline, this seemed to have been a mistake, at least in the
eyes of Bob.I just thought that answering this question (I only wanted
'yes/no' and 'if yes, where') could be kind of solidarity act towards IYOR
and the reefs. My mistake was that I forgot to add the context.

I hope that the listserver will remain a tool not only for extensive
discussion on special topics but also for rapid contact and rapid help for
those who occasionally need to  get a rapid answer for a simple but
important question.

Some of the answers addressed directly to me were very helpful. Others have
asked for providing them with informations on the topic. Thanks to Bob's
comment, you know now most about the state of the art concerning corals and
However, I do not want to forget the helpful reference provided by Alberto

Acosta, A., Fowler, S, Teyssie, J.L. and Jaubert, J.: Uptake and release of
heavy metals and radionuclides in corals.- 8th Intern. Coral Reef Symp.
Panama 1996, Abstracts, p. 2.

Again, many thanks

Regards Reinhold

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