GCRMN Report

Coral Health and Monitoring Program coral at aoml.noaa.gov
Mon Apr 21 10:34:17 EDT 1997

A recent report by Bernard Salvat, Chairman of the Scientific and
Technical Advisory Committee, Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, may be
viewed at the following URL:


The text of this document (about 19 pages) may also be retrieved via
anonymous FTP from the CHAMP FTP site at:


The following file names and formats are there:

	stac.doc	MS Word 6.0
	stac.p65	Adobe Pagemaker 6.5
	stac.pdf	Adobe Portable Document Format

Following is a summary listing of the document contents.



1 - Management Group Composition (MG / GCRMN)

2 - Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee composition (STAC / GCRMN)

3 - First year progress report of the IOC-UNEP-IUCN GCRMN

4 - IOC Report to the CPC of ICRI (Coordination and Planning Committee 8-9
April 1997, Canberra - Albert Tolkatchev (4th april 1997)

5 - Summary of progress in GCRMN regions to March 1997 Clive Wilkinson (2
April 1997)

6 - Pilot Monitoring project, Clive Wilkinson (12th February 1997)

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